SERVICE: Website Design & Development

These days, the first place customers will visit is your website. Make their website journey one they will enjoy. A positive experience on your website will give them a reason to stay on your site or a reason to come back for more.

Sure a pretty website is important, but there are more important features of a good website that make users want to keep coming back. You can’t forget to provide a  clear message, appealing copy, call to actions (lead generation) and SEO. Always remember the website is not for you, it’s for your customers. 

I approach every site design (or redesign) with a strategy and purpose in mind. This goes beyond the essential components and how they work together but how the website fits into your overall branding and marketing direction. Designing in a void or redesigning just to “freshen up” the look of your website probably won’t accomplish much. Make your website count!

Are you ready for a site redesign? If you answered yes to any of these, you probably are.

  • The design feels stale or disconnected
  • Your site is not responsive (mobile friendly)
  • You’re not attracting new customers or even getting calls
  • Visitors can’t easily understand what you do, how you can help them, and what they should do next
  • You need to call your web developer to make changes, like adding text or products
  • Your website isn’t ADA compliant

Lets Talk!

If you’ve never had a website before, then today is a great time to start. Are you building your business? Are you a professional and want to showcase your CV or portfolio? Maybe you are a college student and want to showcase your talets or expereinces. You don’t need to have a business to have a website. If you have an idea or a message to spread, a website is a terrific way to do it.