re-Branding | Product Design

Divine SOL Empowerment

An empowerment movement that cultures a spirit of creativity and entrepreneurship. Watching and supporting each other in all endeavors and watching and helping it flourish and bloom like flowers under the sun. 

Re-Branding | LOGO

I love working with Petra because she is truly divine. She was about to launch Divine SOL Empowerment but felt her logo might need some empowerment itself. After a few conversations, and some hard work, her new logo was born.

What does your logo say about you? Does it spark a feeling or emotion? Does it speak to your target audience? If not, maybe you’re in need of a brand makeover!

Apparel Line & Accessories Line

With the new logo in hand, of course the next step was swag. Just in time for the first Divine SOL Empowerment business meetup and conference.
All hand made with LOVE.